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Eyewitness Account: Brian Hendrickson, Oakland (NJ) Fire Department; Curtiss-Wright Flight Systems, Power Hawk Division

It's as if a volcano erupted, a tornado struck, and a bomb fell all at the same time. The scene doesn't seem real; it's like a movie-surreal, a word used by so many to describe this horrible atmosphere.When we got here, about a block and a half from the Ground Zero, I thought, "This is indescribable." There was smoke from fires in the rubble. Every time the rubble was exposed to oxygen, flames appeared-caused by electrical fires and things of that nature.Debris is everywhere-so many papers, computer disks, credit card statements. The mounds of debris remind you of a garbage disposal site.My company, Curtiss-Wright, came in at the request of the FDNY Rescue 1, the New York FEMA team. We ar...

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