Coverage of World Trade Center/Washington D.C. Catastrophes

This is a digest of all the events that has reported since the World Trade Center/Washington, D.C. tragedy on September 11. We will continue to add to this digest the minute we discover any new developments. For Fire Engineering-specific, in-depth coverage including eye witness accounts, check back on's home page.

Do not forget to check the "From the Wires" area for late breaking news.

Firsthand Accounts from Ground Zero

List of FDNY members who made the Ultimate Sacrifice on September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center.

Missing/Deceased--Updated Daily

Timeline of Events the Day After NYC/Washington, D.C. Tragedies

Timeline of Events as they Unfolded in NYC and Washington, D.C.

Week of 9-11
Week of 9-17
Week of 9-30
Week of 10-7
Week of 10-14
Week of 10-21
Week of 10-28
Week of 11-4
Week of 11-14
Week of 11-25
Week of 12-2
Week of 12/16

Missing/Deceased Statistics

The most recent figures (as of 1/8) for people dead or missing after the September 11 tragedies are:

World Trade Center: The death toll at the World Trade Center is 2,893. That figure includes 622 confirmed dead, 309 missing with no death certificates issued, and 1,962 death certificates issued for victims whose remains have not yet been identified. The number also includes 157 people on the hijacked planes.

Pentagon: 64 dead on hijacked plane, with another 125 people dead or missing;

Pennsylvania: 44 confirmed dead on hijacked plane.

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