Fireside Reading

By John M. Malecky

By Leigh T. Hollins

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Leigh Hollins has taught school bus extrication since 1994, and this professionally done presentation is proof of his expertise. Actual footage of school bus extrication operations are intermingled with figures and statistics on such accidents, the different types of school buses responders may encounter and their characteristics and construction, the extrication problems responders face at such incidents, and strategy and tactics for rescue and extrication.

It is interesting to note that school buses are used in a variety of ways, especially older buses when they are no longer used by schools to transport schoolchildren. My department in Bayonne, New Jersey, originally planned on using an old bus converted by our shops for our first haz-mat truck. Unfortunately, the project encountered some problems that proved to be cost-prohibitive, and the idea was scrapped.

This video is excellent for training purposes. No matter how many auto and truck extrications you may have responded to, school buses are a different "ball game" and require specialized training. This video is vital for your fire department training center resource library.

John M. Malecky is a 31-year veteran of the Bayonne (NJ) Fire Department and battalion chief with Battalion 2. He joined the department in 1970 and was named a lieutenant in 1987, a captain in 1994, and a battalion chief in 2000. He is author of the Apparatus Deliveries feature in Fire Engineering.

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