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Fire Yenta 1/10/03

By Diane Feldman, Managing EditorCheck vitals-and gender!From Michael Ciampo, FDNY: We were called to the scene of a female overdose patient. Finding a woman lying on a floor with a needle stuck in her arm happens to most EMS workers every now and then. We began our size-up. When the paramedics arrived to start the Narcan dosage, they began a sternum rub to get a response from the patient. One of the medics looked at me and said, "Here, he doesn't need this toilet paper in his chest area anymore." With a stunned look, I asked, "HE?" "Yes," the paramedic replied. "HE."Lesson: Size-up--it can really play tricks on you!That's not a window!New Jersey firefighters arrived at a working house fi...

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