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Vehicle Crashes Cause More Firefighter Deaths Than Fires, NFPA Study Finds

Quincy, MA - Firefighters are more likely to die traveling to or from a fire than fighting one, and motor vehicles pose a greater hazard than flames, according to new data from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). All told, 105 firefighters died while on duty in 2003, up from 97 in 2002, primarily because of last year's bad wildland-fire season.Last year, 37 firefighters died while responding to or returning from alarms, while 29 died on the "fire ground" - the land or building where a fire occurs. That was the lowest number of firefighter deaths on the fire ground since NFPA began collecting the data in 1977, and the first time fire-ground deaths accounted for less than 30 pe...

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