Drill Of The Week: Company Level Drill - Hose Advancement

Brought to You by the SUFD Fire Academy

NFPA 1500 (2002 edition) calls for the establishment of an annual proficiency evaluation for all members of the department. These proficiencies are to be determined and established by each jurisdiction and are specific to each job position within the department. Once established, each member will be responsible for maintaining these skill levels. Annual evaluations will be conducted to validate the ability to perform these skills. These evaluations are designed to validate competency in basic skill levels as well as identify opportunities for training at both the individual and company level.

This week's drill involves the following knowledge/skills: hose lead out evolutions, advancing hoselines up staircases, types of streams and capabilities, methods of fire attack, fire behavior, use of nozzles and streams, and fire stream operations.

An engine company will assume roll of first-in at a single-family dwelling fire and advance the appropriate hoseline determined by the authority having jurisdiction (a/h/j) this type of scenario. Fire will be located on 2nd floor of dwelling and will require a single 1 3/4 inch hose line to control the fire. Nozzle type to be determined by the a/h/j. Using the appropriate method, the company will advance the hoseline from the apparatus to the objective and flow water at correct the pressure/GPM. The engine company will make it's own water supply according to department policy.

For step-by-step procedures for advancing a hoseline, evaluation criteria, and safety precautions, as well as more company level drills, visit the SUFD Fire Academy.

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