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FireEngineering.com Presents "Conducting NFPA 1403 Compliant Live Burn Training"

On June 21, 2006, at 1300 hours, FireEngineering.com will present "Conducting NFPA 1403 Compliant Live Burn Training" - a Webcast presented by Bryant Krizik, Battalion Chief, Orland (IL) Fire Protection District.This program focuses on the intent of the Acquired Structure Section of NFPA 1403 - Conducting Live Burn Training and walks the listener through the overall requirements to present training of this type. Battalion Chief Bryant Krizik addresses the pitfalls from years of experience and the challenges for the future of continuing such training. Working within the standard far outweighs the risk of noncompliance from the standpoint of safety, civil, and criminal liability. Realistic ...

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