Are You Eligible to Vote at the ICC Final Action Hearings?

Date & Location: May 21-26 in Rochester, New York

Over the years, the fire service has witnessed new, economically driven trends in the construction field which have diminished the once-solid footing available to firefighters on building roofs and floors. Once, construction design featured solid-mass components such as solid, wooden roof rafters/floor joists, poured concrete/rebar, and steel I-beams. Now many structural components are lightweight construction. This is just one of many safety issues the fire service encounters in buildings. While we in the fire service always say that time is of the essence, redundancy in building (active & passive) and fire protection systems (fire detection, containment, suppression) are equally important. If automobile safety has grown from a single air bag for the driver into a multi-bag system, with front- and side-impact bags as well as crash-impact crunch zones, the fire service must be able to depend on a balanced fire attack within a building from redundant fire protection systems to better protect our battlefield, the fireground.

The challenge to the fire service is now before us. Your voice needs to be heard at the upcoming International Code Council (ICC) Final Code Hearing by voting.

To register to vote visit the ICC Web site at:

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