Fire Engineering Simulation reactions

"Coming from a department that just opened a COMMAND TRAINING CENTER based off the Phoenix CTC, I am totally supportive of Simulation Based Training. I really think that this gives us the Recognition Primed Decision Making a lot of the officers in the Fire Service are missing today." --Brian P. Kazmierzak

"Most 'Everyday Joe Firegfighters' do not have access to this stuff on a department level. It's great you can provide it for them online." --Barry Daskal

"Very good graphics – had a 'real' feel in looking at the scenario and related shots." --Gregory G. Noll

"I think the potential for a program like this is great. I think most firefighters would enjoy the challenge." --Ron Eilken

"That thing is AWESOME! The pump operations piece was a nice touch! I haven't seen anything that slick anywhere else." --Eddie Buchanan

"The smoke looked pretty good and it changed while watching in a natural way." --Dave Dodson

"It provides a realistic challenge to both the Battalion Chief and the pump operator. The simulation was more than adequate & it accurately addressed good decision making & potential screw-ups." --Pat Grace

"Great interaction, and some very powerful lessons to be learned." --Tim Sendelbach

"You guys are right on target here, I like what I see." --Mike Graves

"...This is going to change the way we train. This is by far the best webcast simulation I have ever seen." --Steve Kraft

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