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BLS CPAP: Improving Breathing in the Prehospital Setting

BY STEVEN KANARIANThe clock reads 1:45 a.m. as Carl opens his eyes with the uneasy feeling of not being able to catch his breath. Once awake, he realizes he also has tightness in his chest. He begins to cough up pink-tinged white phlegm.Carl’s wife (awakens): “Carl, you are very pale and sweaty. Are you okay?”Carl (grunting): “I … I ... don’t ... know.”Carl’s wife: “I told you not to eat all the food at the wedding last night.”Carl (stammering): “How often ... does ... your ... niece get married, dear? My chest really hurts, honey.”Carl’s wife calls 911.At the StationAt 1:53 a.m., the tones sound.“Ambulan...

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