Pelican establishes Advanced Area Lighting Group

Pelican™ Products, Inc. launched a new division focused on bringing to market environmentally sustainable, energy-efficient, and powerful Light Emitting Diode (LED) lighting products. The Advanced Area Lighting Group (AALG), known as Peli AALG Limited, combines Pelican's nearly 30 years of advanced lighting technology innovation with the expertise and products of the newly acquired Blue i UK Ltd., a European developer of next-generation remote area lighting technology.

The new area lighting systems being designed and built by Pelican are harnessing the power, reliability, and energy-efficiency of LED technology. This presents new commercial applications beyond the company's handheld flashlights that are used by militaries and first responders as well as industrial and hazardous settings around the world. Pelican, along with the team from Blue i, is already delivering a battery-powered portable area lighting system that provides 15 hours of continuous light and approximately 50,000 hours LED lifespan for such end users as nighttime road construction crews, railway engineers, and first responders. The systems offer users the ability to illuminate a large work area without the fuel consumption, noise and air pollution associated with today's industrial diesel generator-powered lighting towers that use energy-zapping outdated light bulb technology.

While Pelican was in the process of forming its new lighting research and development division, the company became aware of Blue i and its line of area lighting products. They entered into discussions to combine the unconditionally guaranteed durability and effectiveness of Pelican's cases and lights with Blue i's environmentally responsible approach to building next-generation area lighting systems. Blue i was started three years ago by two British lighting industry experts with the goal of developing leading-edge lighting systems that use futuristic technology and are safe for the environment. The company's founders, Neil Walker and Darren Judd, were recognized last year for Blue i's success as finalists for HSBC's annual "Start-up Stars" Awards in the U.K. for new and growing businesses. Now the two join Pelican's lighting group to continue inventing the future of advanced lighting.

Thanks to the added expertise of Blue i's founders, Pelican's AALG is taking the issue of sustainability head-on as it develops new LED lighting systems and products. Pelican believes the consumer debate raging over incandescent and compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs is just one small part of the lighting efficiency discussion. LED technology is proven to be light years ahead of current bulbs and burns 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs and eight times longer than CFLs, and requires less energy to do so. Additionally, CFLs contain mercury and pose a serious environmental threat; LEDs operate with chips made of nontoxic materials that are completely recyclable.

As for product commercialization plans, Pelican currently offers the 9450 Remote Area Lighting System and will be unveiling additional new products in the coming months as Blue i's products are integrated into Pelican. Additionally, Pelican is in the prototype stage for both smaller and larger portable area lighting units that will become available later this year and in early 2009. Visit for further details on the Advanced Area Lighting Group.

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