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Hydrogen Cyanide: New Concerns for Firefighting and Medical Tactics

by Richard RochfordFrom the PBI Performance Products, Inc. e-Newsletter, sponsored byA report of a residential structure fire with the possibility that someone was inside comes across the data dispatch system. Engines 10, 17, and 4; Ladders 10 and 4;, Rescue-17, Fire 5;, and Safety 2 respond. Engine 10 arrives on-scene and transmits this report: "Engine 10 on-scene. W-3 single-story residential with heavy fire and smoke coming from the back of the house.Engine 10 has command and is making entry into structure with confirmation from neighbors that someone is inside. Next engine coming in will lay a supply line."Fire 5 arrives on-scene and assumes command. He learns that Engine 10 found a ...

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