Guidelines Aim at Reducing Wildfire Risk to Property

The Institute for Business & Home Safety (IBHS) announced the availability of new guidelines to protect property from the ravages of wildfire.

The information pertains to homes and businesses, including farms and ranches, and is available in electronically and as hard copy printed brochures suitable for mailing or distributing at events. The printed series comprises three property-specific brochures: 

· “Reducing Wildfire Risk: Residential” provides homeowners with strategies on how to reduce their wildfire risk;

· “Reducing Wildfire Risk: Commercial” describes risks faced by small and mid-sized businesses in areas vulnerable to wildfires; and

· “Reducing Wildfire Risk: Farms and Ranches” details the unique wildfire threats farm and ranch owners face.

“Wildfire is a serious risk in 38 states around the country, threatening about 120 million people and their property,” said Julie Rochman, president & CEO, IBHS. “The number of destructive, expensive wildfires continues to rise, and whether or not a particular property survives a wildfire may depend largely on what people do now to prepare. We want to help property owners take control and minimize their risk by making their homes and businesses more wildfire-resistant.

“The IBHS guidelines are based on information from professional fire services and wildfire research, and address three key areas: structures, landscaping nearby and general vegetation in the larger area surrounding the structure. Each of these sources can be dealt with through maintenance, material and design improvements, and vegetation control,” explained Rochman.

The guidelines are publicly available in PDF format at  For more information, contact IBHS at (813) 286-3400 or

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