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Portable Firefighter Survival Maze

During the past 10 years at FDIC, there has been extraordinary focus on firefighter survival. Whether it be a class on situational awareness, or a H.O.T. evolution challenging a firefighter’s skills to escape a hazardous environment, this is one area that has understandably become a mainstay for training. Attendees at Tom Hancock’s Portable Firefighter Survival Maze learned how to construct a maze in their own departments for similar training.
Participants left with the knowledge and skills needed to implement quality firefighter survival training using a portable firefighter survival maze, according to Hancock. “We walked participants through a step-by-step process of designing, building and performing training evolutions using this type of maze,” he says.
Hancock’s presentation taught attendees how to design, build and conduct training evolutions using this maze. It includes reduced profiles, entanglements, a collapse simulator, a hose evolution, a spongy floor simulator and other critical aspects of firefighter survival.
“I think this class is what FDIC is all about,” says Hancock. “It provides fire department instructors with the ability to bring a useful tool back from FDIC to their departments. At the end of this class, I want firefighters to take away the knowledge and skills required to design, build, and perform training evolutions using a portable firefighter survival maze.”


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