Survival/RIT Prop

In keeping with the fire service’s focus on firefighter survivability, FDIC offers this class, Construction and Use of Multipurpose Survival and RIT Trainign Props 2011, with Joe Nedder instructing.
According to Nedder, the class is intended to present various multipurpose firefighter survival and RIT training props that are simple to construct, multipurpose in use with simple component changes, and can be taken apart for bulk storage, and reassembled quickly and easily for more frequent training.
Along with the design and construction we will show the props in use and discuss the teaching objectives of various skills to be taught. “Safety is always a key component of training and will be emphasize with the construction, use and storage of the various props,” says Nedder.
Students walked through the defined needs assessments for what props need to be able to do, why they have always been a problem and learned about two solutions. “The two solutions are our Multipurpose prop and the ARK. “We discussed what skills we needed to drill on in the survival and RIT disciplines and show how these props can help to provide realistic skills and training,” Nedder says. His presentation featured pictures showing the units in various configurations and in use. 
“There is a definite need for props that really work and provide the ability to practice the skill the way it will really have to be done. What I want the students to walk away with is that training that is realistic is imperative in the survival and RIT disciplines; these props are multipurpose, will not collect dust, are economical and are easily set up and taken down; when training we need to always make safety our number 1 concern; and if we do not train with something that provides realism, we have not prepared the firefighter for what will have to be done in real life.”
Nedder brought 300 CDs with drawings and dimensions for the multipurpose prop along with pictures of the ARK.

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