CT Firefighters Injured in Rope Rescue

Three New Haven (CT) firefighters were injured Thursday in the rope rescue of a female climber who was stuck on a cliff.

The woman was reportedly trapped in a crevice under an outcrop. Two firefighters dangled from ropes to rescue the victim.

The panicked hiker was close to letting go from the rock face, according to a release from the New Haven (CT) Fire Department. She was on the phone with 911. Firefighters started a high angle rescue from above, however her position on the rock made it so that firefighters could not see her.

Lt. Jay Schwartz climbed from the bottom up to recon her position. When they could see her she was only hanging on by her thumbs. Circumstances dictated action, Schwartz and his crew risked a lot to save a lot. Unfortunately the shale that they were climbing on gave away. Lt Schwartz fell 60 feet on an incline, resulting in a significant compound dislocation of his ankle. He is doing well.

One other firefighter is being rushed back to the emergency room at this time; he was released last night. He had been hit by falling rocks during the rescue and is now having complications. The other firefighter who was able to make the rescue from above was in the harness for an extend amount of time and was evaluated and released.

Read more about this incident and see pictures at the New Haven Independent HERE.

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