Avon ISI Launches Next Generation Viking Z Seven SCBA


Avon Protection has announced its next generation Avon-ISI Viking Z Seven SCBA (self contained breathing apparatus); designed specifically to equip firefighting teams with advanced respiratory protection and communications technology

This widely utilized SCBA has now undergone fundamental revisions to its functionality and electronics system which set new standards in respiratory protection and firefighter safety supported by immediate two way command centre communications.

A revised cylinder connection assembly offers a larger cylinder hand wheel for ease of use with gloved hands together with a luminescent pressure gauge and cylinder band for enhanced visibility in darkened or smoke filled environments.

The Viking Z Seven control console provides an easy to use advanced communications system with large push button design for use with gloved hands, and a voice amplification system speaker with ten voice threshold settings that reduce breathing noise. 

The electronics use one reliable source of power through its C4 Power Pack with an easier to check back frame location, supported by free battery supply for ten years, PASS (Personal Alert Safety System), and all other NFPA required features, including heads-up display and complete CBRN protection. 

The new Avon-ISI Viking Z Seven offers s integrated communications, with voice amplification as a standard feature, and  patented Air Switch technology  incorporated into the facemask  to enable immediate switch from ambient to cylinder air when required.

A mounted ultrasonic Avon EchoTracer beacon can assists in downed team member location while an EchoSeeker tracking device can be mounted to Avon-ISI’s nVision thermal imager for combination ultrasonic tracking and thermal viewing. 

In addition, the integrated TEAMS air management teletry system relays vital SCBA information to enable command centers to monitor cylinder pressure, real time temperatures, PASS status and SCBA battery status. And a one button operation can recall either one or the entire fire fighting team in an instant.

According to Mark Williamson, Avon’s Global Product Manager- Supplied Air, “Much of the technical revisions to the new Viking Z Seven have been developed further to valuable input from our North American fire-fighter customer base.  This system has played a vital role in providing teams with high level respiratory and communications support and we are confident that our next generation system will attract an even greater following and also spearhead our new global marketing ambitions.”

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