VSTEP Introduces RescueSim USA


New York, November 21st 2011 - VSTEP, a leading developer of 3D interactive immersive simulation products, is introduces RescueSim USA.

Already a success in the European and Asian markets, VSTEP has developed a US version of RescueSim which incorporates geography, equipment, and personnel.

RescueSim is training software that prepares public safety and security professionals for real-life incidents in a safe virtual environment. While hands on training remains essential, RescueSim allows first responders and emergency organizations to experience the incident as they assess the situation, determine the best response strategy, implement it, then observe results and modify actions as the situation evolves. 

RescueSim offers important benefits:

  • Train emergency personnel  in tactics, techniques, and procedures whenever, wherever without time-consuming planning and preparation
  • Improve operational preparedness of the emergency response organization
  • Avoid high practical training costs
  • Conduct Single or multi-agency training
  • Leadership and management decisions can be made in a safe environment
  • Realistic 3D training environments, specific or generic
  • Enhances student participation
  • Complete flexibility for the instructor before and during scenarios
  • Logging of all actions and decisions for debriefing
  • Can be used to supplement Department of Homeland Security and FEMA courses; allows students to practice concepts
  • New scenario and functionality updates several times a year

RescueSim can be used as an in-house training tool or as part of a specific training course offered by our certified training partners. Certified training partners provide training according to the latest guidelines and regulations for your organization. Organizations with their own training infrastructure can use RescueSim as an in-house training tool for their personnel. RescueSim includes all required training software, hardware, software updates, train-the-trainer course and full customer support.

RescueSim is currently used for one-on-one training, classroom training and multi-user team training. Both single and multi-agency training is possible. 


Due to the direct communication and feedback that the instructor provides, the trainee is able to achieve predefined learning goals. For a trainee, this training method is frequently experienced as an in-depth approach to their day-to-day activities. By involving large-scale scenarios the trainee will be prepared for the incidents which cannot practically be trained to  in real-life exercises. The smaller scale scenarios are used to prepare the trainee for taking the appropriate first steps.


An instructor and multiple trainees participate. One trainee is assigned the leadership role during the scenario. The other participants assist and discuss which decisions are to be taken. This module focuses on the interaction between the trainees. During this training, trainees will each have a different approach to an incident. By discussing and simulating these various approaches, the group of trainees will learn to determine the best possible solution to a realistic problem.


This training method allows multiple users to participate in joint training exercises simultaneously. Multi-user exercises can be done either with different roles within a single agency or with multiple agencies. Multi-user training  allows full coordination training between different organizations simultaneously, and enables training at tactical, operational and strategic levels.

Specific Training Modules

RescueSim currently includes 130 virtual incident locations in which safety and security professionals can build their rescue skills and practice alternative response strategies in a safe, low-cost environment. RescueSim has different modules catering to the specific needs of an industry. Each module includes a wide range of emergency response units and many different incident types, thereby providing training opportunities for a wide range of organizations.  An instructor or facilitator can develop exercises and scenarios to meet training objections.

Modules include:


For Emergency Services, Contingency Services, Road Management, Regional Incident Teams

The Emergency Response module is aimed at taking appropriate action when an incident occurs. The 3D environments consist of high-rise cities, residential areas, railroad stations, an airport hospital, and different road & highway types in and around which incidents can be created.

This module is also usable for evacuation purposes, safety & security training, as well as communication training between different emergency response units.


For Company Fire Depts., First Responders, Incident Command Teams, Employees working with hazardous materials, Safety/Health & Environment experts

Main focus of the Industrial Incident Management module is on the incidents that could occur on industrial sites. The instructor is able to create an environment similar to the work site. Module includes industrial incidents like tank fires, liquid spillage, gas releases, on-site collisions and many more.


For Port authorities, Port safety officers, Fire Depts. dealing with port authorities, Vessel commanders, Incident command teams dealing with busy waterways

This module focuses on incidents in which vessels and port authorities, fire, police, coastguard and other agencies are involved.  It includes different port types & objects, allowing for complex incidents like on-board & shore fires, on-water spillage and environmental incidents situated near the waterways. Incidents involve the vessel commanders, port authorities and shore personnel.


For Port authorities, Coast guards, Offshore Safety officers, Vessel commanders, Company incident command teams (dealing with offshore)

Offshore Incident Management focuses on incidents taking place offshore. These incidents can take place on different types of vessels, as well as on board of oil rig platforms. The module contains many offshore specific objects to create and train incidents ranging from small scale onsite or on-vessel accidents to large scale disasters, including oil rig fires.

For more information about RescueSim, visit www.rescuesim.com and www.vstepsimulation.com.

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