Canadian Officials Keep Close Eye on Wildfire Conditions

Officials in Alberta, Canada are carefully watching the wildfire situation as high winds and dry conditions could be the fuel for a flammable start to the new year, according to a recent report from The Edmonton Journal.

Two grass fires, fanned by high winds, quickly grew to 3,000 hectares (approximately 7413 acres) in size in southern Alberta just last week, according to the report.

Wildfire information officer Geoffrey Driscoll was quoted in the report to say, “Normally, we see a lot more snow and a lot less wind. I’m really not used to talking about wildfires in January. Albertans have to be just as careful now as they would be in the middle of the summer.

Driscoll continued to say in the report that the wildfire threat is being exacerbated by large areas of exposed, dry grass and by windy conditions throughout the province adding that winter fires tend to burn fast and hard but don’t go into the ground like summer fires.

Alberta's normal fire season begins in approximately 90 days.

Read more about the wildfire situation in Alberta, Canada, HERE.

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