Innovative Rescue Pole Reduces Rescue Time While Increasing User Safety

The Reach and Rescue Telescoping Pole was designed by Reach and Rescue Limited in conjunction with a leading UK Fire and flood rescue division to improve the operator’s safety and capability at water, ice, mud and flood related incidents. 

During a rescue, this pole enables the operator to quickly deploy a flotation device to the victim while safely standing away from the hazard zone.

Key Benefits

This lightweight carbonfiber pole extends from 9ft to 55ft in seconds, and unlike throw bags, delivers rescue/flotation devices directly  to the victim the first time, every time . This significantly reduces rescue time, and saves valuable moments.   The pole can be fully extended and accurately deployed in 45 seconds, and fully retracted again within another 29 seconds, totaling 1 minute, 14 seconds for the entire rescue, even less time if the distance to the victim is closer than 55 ft.  The Reach and Rescue Pole also has a high visibility end section, so even in lower visibility conditions, the victim can easily see the pole.


With a variety of attachments available, the pole can be tailored to the requirements of many different rescue situations.  If the rescue is taking place in water, ice or mud, the flotation buoy is attached to the top section; the rescuers decide which accessory is applicable for the type of incident and attach it to the pole using the snap-on easy release head section. It can be operated easily by one or two people in all weather conditions and can be deployed from both the shore side or from a vessel. There is also a failsafe rope to ensure that the pole sections remain intact if damage occurs during a rescue. A quick connect detachable carabiner (carago) is available to facilitate rescue at heights of suspended victims in harnesses, making the Reach and Rescue Pole a versatile multipurpose piece of rescue equipment. 


The operator points the pole toward the victim and releases the first clamp on the first section, extends the section and closes the clamps repeating until desired distance is achieved. The pole is retracted by repeating the operation above in reverse order.  Being telescopic, the pole folds down to less than 10ft in length and can be easily stored in the quick release bag on a fire apparatus, in roughly the same space required for a pike pole. 

Heiman Fire Equipment is the exclusive distributor of the Reach and Rescue Telescoping Pole in the United States. View a video of the pole in action at

For more information, please contact Heiman Fire Equipment at 1-800-831-8547, or visit

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