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ScanMed QR Helps Emergency Responders Save Time and Lives

In a major leap forward for the emergency response industry, Oklahoma City based, Rocket Surgery Concepts has announced the launch of their year long project that allows fire, rescue, EMT and law enforcement officials the ability to retrieve vital medical and emergency information using Quick Response (QR) technology. "My mother is diabetic and also suffers from epilepsy." Said co-founder and President, Eric Richardson. "A low blood sugar or seizure could render anybody unconscious without warning.

What's worse, diabetics or epileptics have many times been mistaken for someone that is overdosing or possibly intoxicated." Richardson continued, "Sadly, some of these people have either lost their lives or come close because of a general public unawareness or inexperience in dealing with medical conditions that change a person's outward behavior."

Unique Codes Contain Vital Information
Using Quick Response (QR) technology, ScanMed QR allows a customer to easily create a profile on their website (www.ScanMedQR.com), edit their information including medical illnesses, current medications as well as known drug, food and material allergies and emergency contacts. Once completed, the customer orders their silicone sports band for only $24.99 per year and receives it within 7-10 days. Customers also receive updates, upgrades and feature improvements at no additional cost.

Each band is laser etched with the wearers' unique QR code and branded with the ScanMed QR logo including two easily identifiable medical symbols on each side of the logo. In the event of an emergency, responders or Good Samaritans can use any number of free QR scanners available for their iPhone or Android smartphone to quickly scan the wearers' QR image and instantly see all information that their customers have chosen to show on their profile. Richardson commented, "If we can just shave ten to fifteen minutes that it normally takes to stabilize a person at the scene and get them to a medical facility, that could be the difference between life and death for some individuals."

Wearable, Durable, and Life Tested
Richardson's mother and Vice-President, Victoria Bill said, "Being a diabetic, I've tried traditional medical alert ID bracelets, but having multiple illnesses, there was nothing on the market that could contain all of my information and medical complications."

During his research Richardson found a couple of companies that used QR technology branded on a identification card or key chain accessory. "The problem with that solution is that you aren't always carrying your wallet or your keys. How many athletes run a 2K with their car keys or their wallet in their back pocket or how many kids go to the beach or swimming pool carrying their car keys?"

Although the company will offer an identification card for individuals that prefer to carry their information instead of wearing it, Richardson continued, "Our whole goal is to continue to improve medical alert technology. That's why we're already working with our development team to release our own smartphone app that will give users the ability to update and change their info right from their smartphone. We're also working on our next product that will be directed at kids called 'ScanMed JR.' which will give parents the ability to provide medical treatment consent forms for their kids as well as other valuable features."


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