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New Fire Loads, New Tactics: Smashing the Tactical Box

By Ron Kanterman New Fire Loads We've been discussing new fire loads for about 15 years because we're not going to our fathers' fires anymore. Battalion Chief Dave Dodson's "Art of Reading Smoke," program appears on the 4th edition of the Everyone Goes Home DVD and tells us: "Forget what you've learned about the fact that fire grows exponentially--2, 4, 8, 16, 32 times, and so on-- and that flashover is at 1,400°F. Fires are growing to flashover in a matter of seconds in some cases, and the temperatures are near the 1,900° to 2,000°Flevel." Chief Dodson is right and the science is backing up what he's saying. My guess is that most of you have seen these types of fires ...

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