Two Baltimore Fire Companies Disbanded

Baltimore officials say that disbanding Squad 11 and Ladder Truck 15 is making better use of its resources, reports ABC 2 News.

The news outlet details that they'll be able to stop the rotating fire house closures that they've been doing since 2009 and re-distribute four other companies around the city to provide even better coverage.

Chief Kevin Cartwright says the city fire's response time is still quicker than the national average and these changes won't jeopardize citizen safety.

"It helps us with operational stability and what that simply means is that every single day 24 hours a day we know where each and everyone of our fire companies are in the station and out of the station." Cartwright stated.

City fire fighters union president Rick Hoffman says that changes being made in the fire department right now put lives in danger.

He says by taking these truck 15 and squad 11 out of service, and the scheduled October demise of Truck 10 Hoffman says they're losing added protection of having ladder trucks covering the crews on the ground.

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