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Firefighting History: 10-15: Tragedy on Com Ave: The Collapse of the Hotel Vendome

By Kevin J. Mochen At 0745 hours on June 18, 1972, over the tappers, registers, and gongs of the fire alarm system of Boston (MA) Fire Department, the special signal 10-1-5 was transmitted. This signal, known as ten-fifteen, is transmitted for the death of any member of the department. The signal was followed by this announcement over the fire department radio. "The Fire Commissioner and the Chief of Department regrets to announce the deaths of the following members: Lieutenant Thomas J. Carroll--Engine Company 32 Lieutenant John E. Hanbury--Ladder Company 13 Firefighter Charles E. Dolan-- Ladder Company 13 Firefighter Joseph P. Saniuk--Ladder Company 13 Firefighter John E. Jameson--...

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