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Apparatus and Equipment: Suburban Fire Department, Urban Mentality: Hose, Nozzle, Pump Panel, and Chart Coding

By Steven W. Stein In part two of this series, Steven W. Stein described the Forest Park (OH) Fire Department's (FPFD) approach to nozzles. Part one discussed apparatus. Keeping It Simple FPFD engine companies are set up such that the hose, nozzles, discharges, discharge valves, and pump charts are all color coded. Part of the succession plan at the FPFD includes training new personnel to operate fire apparatus. To quote Battalion Chief Mark Miller, "We don't go to fires to learn how to do our jobs." In a nutshell, nobody will be looking over the shoulders of our fire apparatus operators (FAOs), thus we have built in redundancies to minimize charging the wrong preconnects or cha...

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