Maryland Firefighter Rescued After Calling Mayday

Prince George's County (MD) firefighters battled a large fire for 30 minutes after they rescued a resident Wednesday afternoon in the Franklin Park apartments, although they were evacuated from the building when the fire spread to the roof and one firefighter declared a mayday, reports Greenbelt Patch.

When the firefighters arrived, they had to rescue a resident using a ladder to his apartment where the fire was burning on the front side of the 2-story garden style apartments, Brady said. The man was not injured.

A second alarm was sounded, bringing about 50 firefighters and medics to the scene, but Brady said the fire spread to the roof and the rescuers were evacuated.

Firefighters extinguished the bulk of the flames from outside before returning indoors to complete the job, he reported.

Although one firefighter declared a mayday after her was separated from his crew, the firefighter was immediately found by other firefighters and was not injured, Brady said.

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