Firefighters Contend with Exploding Propane, Ammunition at UT Truck Fire

Firefighters had to contend with exploding propane and bullets going off when responding to a truck fire in Clinton, Utah.

A report on says ( when fire crews first arrived on scene at around 1 a.m., the heat from the burning truck was causing propane tanks carried in its trailer to explode. The fire also set off boxes of .22-caliber ammunition stored in the truck.

"We try to keep safe and put the fire out from a distance," said  Clinton Deputy Fire Chief Justin Benabides.

Firefighters believe the fire began when in a hot coal can that spread to a nearby garbage can, then to the truck and then the trailer, followed by the garage and back of the house.


For more information on the effects of fire on ammo, consider Firefighters Training: Video on Effects of Fire on Stored Ammunition .

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