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Firefighting News: Firefighters Contend with Exploding Propane, Ammunition at UT Truck Fire

Firefighters had to contend with exploding propane and bullets going off when responding to a truck fire in Clinton, Utah. A report on KSL.com says (http://bit.ly/VmxG8V) when fire crews first arrived on scene at around 1 a.m., the heat from the burning truck was causing propane tanks carried in its trailer to explode. The fire also set off boxes of .22-caliber ammunition stored in the truck. "We try to keep safe and put the fire out from a distance," said  Clinton Deputy Fire Chief Justin Benabides. Firefighters believe the fire began when in a hot coal can that spread to a nearby garbage can, then to the truck and then the trailer, followed by the garage and back of the...

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