CT Police, Firefighters Rescue Jumper

New Haven (CT) firefighters and police officers rescued a man threatening to jump from a third-story window Monday morning.

The incident occurred at a house on Houston Street in the city around 11 a.m., according to The New Haven Register (http://bit.ly/Yi14xU). The jumper, who was in his 20s, reportedly had a history of mental-health issues.

Police said the man was unresponsive to communications, and responders soon realized action was required. Two officers readied to make the initial grab from the interior of the building, with backup from a firefighter and others. Meanwhile, firefighters scaled and a ladder to contend with the resisting man from the building's exterior.

"Guys on ground did a tremendous job of holding the ladder still," said New Haven Fire Lieutenant Frank Ricci. "It was a tremendous effort by the police and firefighters to get the guy back through the window."

Firefighters broke the bottom of the window pane to make it easier to secure the man. The top pane could not be broken, which complicated the situation.

With the assistance of other responders, the officers made the grab and transported the man to an ambulance so he could be taken for psychiatric evaluation.

Read additional details about the incident at http://bit.ly/Yi14xU.

For more on firefighter response to incidents involving jumpers, consider RESCUERS SAVE JUMPER FROM TOWER CRANE, RESPONDING TO JUMPER INCIDENTS, and SAFETY AT STUMP JUMPER OPERATIONS.

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