Morphix Technologies Introduces New Chameleon Arson Investigation Kit

Morphix Technologies®, an innovator in the science of detection devices for dangerous chemicals, has released the new Chameleon® Arson Investigation Kit to provide responders, law enforcement and fire scene investigators with an easy-to-use, low-cost tool to identify dangerous levels of toxic chemicals in the investigation after a fire.

Whether a fire occurs in a residence, business or industrial facility, combustion creates a cocktail of toxic gases in the fire smoke. After a fire has been resolved, fire officials, arson investigators, and law enforcement are called to ascertain whether a fire was criminal or accidental in nature. Even with the fire extinguished, the burn site still produces unseen toxic chemicals. Since several of these chemicals are not visible or produce a distinct odor, investigators and other personnel may not be aware of the airborne hazards. The new Chameleon® Arson Investigation Kit alerts the investigating team to the potential of toxic gases allowing them to leave the area or take other precautions before an injury can occur.

The Chameleon® Arson Investigation Kit can be used alone or in addition to chemical protective suits and masks to identify dangerous levels of a variety of hazardous chemicals. The Arson Investigation Kit includes an adjustable arm band and easy-to-use cassette holder with 8 different cassettes. The chemical sensors include; ammonia, acid(low pH), hydrogen cyanide, hydrogen fluoride, hydrogen sulfide, nitrogen dioxide, sulfur dioxide and phosgene. The cassette sensor changes color when the toxic gas is present and requires no power source or calibration. Unlike current colorimetric detection systems, The Chameleon® is designed to military standards for use in a wide variety of operating environments including desert heat, artic cold, tropical conditions and immersion in salt or fresh water.

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