National Fire Academy Recruitment Online Mediated Instruction Course

The National Fire Academy is currently recruiting students to help pilot-test the online instructor mediatedcourse, Fire Protection Structures and Systems (C0262). The course will be delivered through NFA Online,

Course Description: This course examines the underlying principles involved in structural fire protection systems, building furnishings, and fire protection systems including water-based fire suppressions systems, fire alarm and detection systems, special hazard suppression systems, and smoke management systems.

At the end of this course, students will be able to:
* Analyze building structural components for fire endurance and fire resistance.

*  Understand the flame spread and smoke production properties of building furnishings and materials.
* Analyze, evaluate, and determine appropriate use for fire detection and alarm systems; water-based
fire suppression systems; special hazard fire suppression systems; and smoke management systems,
with a sophisticated understanding of how they integrate to function as a complete life safety system.
* Understand the fundamental principles related to structural fire protection, building furnishings, and
fire protection systems.

Course Delivery: An online instructor mediated course balances self-study components with interactions and discussions among the students and the instructor. This course is done in an asynchronous fashion. Students and the instructor will likely be online at different times and will post and respond to discussions on their own schedule. After reviewing the self-study materials, the students will have the opportunity to participate in discussions with other students on various assigned topics. The instructor will open each
module, provide feedback on assignments, summarize discussions, and provide mentoring to meet the unique needs of individual students.

This course is being offered in conjunction with the following colleges and universities and may be eligible to receive college credit:
Cogswell College -
Empire State College/SUNY -
University of Cincinnati -
University of Maryland, University College -
Western Illinois University -
Western Oregon University -

For more information concerning college credit eligibility please contact these schools directly. Prospective students should have a thorough understanding of the course requirements before submitting their application and should review the Sample Module Lesson Assignment (shown below).

IMPORTANT NOTE: This is a college-level, writing intensive course and all students will be expected to adhere to the American Psychological Association (APA) Style Guidelines for all written assignments. A tutorial for this format can be found at:

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