Cincinnati Budget Plan Would Close Around Half of Its Fire Stations

The current Cincinnati (OH) budget proposal would close about half the city's fire stations through staff cuts.

The current budget plan that calls for more than 120 fire positions to be cut to help the city fix a $35 million budget deficit, according to WCPO ( The city is legally obliged to close the deficit by July 1.

Cincinnati employs about 800 firefighters and the layoffs would include the 40 members of the city's 2013 recruiting class.

Staffing levels under the current firefighting contract demand four firefighters per apparatus, so half of the stations in the city would have to be closed to make the numbers work.

A list of stations that would be affected by the move has not been released.

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For more on staffing and how the fiscal crisis has affected fire departments, consider October Roundtable: Minimum Engine Staffing Levels, Handling Staffing Emergencies and Inside a Budget Fight: It Never Ends, and Nobody Wins.

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