SC Firefighters Revive Cardiac-Arrest Patient

Two Burton (SC) firefighters were able to revive a 25-year-old cardiac-arrest patient last month with the help of the victim's wife and a neighbor.

Lieutenant Jon Mosher, Engineer Eric Chapman, and Firefighter Andrew Wright responded within four minutes to the call on April 27 to find the victim unconscious and not breathing, according to report from The Beaufort Gazette ( The victim's wife and a neighbor were performing CPR on him.

Firefighters took over and were able to revive the man with an automated external defibrillator. By the time he reached the hospital, the patient was conscious, alert, and talking--a rarity for heart-attack victims.

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For more on firefighter training for CPR, consider Drill of the Week: CPR/AED, Compression Only CPR Improves Survival, and The Shocking Truth About Defibrillators.

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