AK Volunteer Firefighters Extinguish Wildland Fire

Volunteer firefighters extinguished a wildland fire that lasted for three days on Hesketh Island in Kachemak Bay, Seldovia, Alaska.

Firefighters from the Seldovia (AK) Volunteer Fire Department partnered with volunteer firefighters from other communities to control a fire that began when a citizen's sauna ignited, according to a report from The Homer News (http://bit.ly/122VFtj). Gusting winds quickly spread the fire to nearby brush--only the wet soil from recent rainfall gave firefighters an advantage.

The homeowner Nancy Klein and her neighbors were removed from the fire-prone Alaskan community, which is home to only three families during the dry summer months. At its peak, the fire came within 40-50 yards of neighboring homes.

The fire was reported around 11 p.m. on June 20 and was declared controlled by 4 p.m. on June 23. Firefighters arrived by water taxi and made sure to cool down the ground after extinguishing the flames to prevent it from rekindling. Firefighters say the flames required a lot of chain saw work and water to extinguish. In the end, the fire covered half an acre. There were no injuries.

To read more, visit http://bit.ly/122VFtj.

Although every wildland fire presents a real danger, each fire is a chance for firefighters to learn and improve their responses. To read about new wildland fire policies and to see how past lessons were implemented, see Regional Action Plans for Cohesive Wildland Fire Management Released, Firefighters Changed Approach After Destructive '93 CA Wildfire, and Forest Service Changes Course on Wildland Firefighting Policy.

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