Exploding Sidewalks Causing Injuries in London

At least five people have been injured since January 2012 due to explosions on sidewalks in London, England.

In one incident, a woman was burned on more than 20 percent of her body, according to a CNN report (http://bit.ly/13Tp4KM). In another case in which a man narrowly avoided getting burned, it's speculated that the blast may have been caused by water or gas entered electricity cable boxes and cabling running under the sidewalks or pavement.

The Health and Safety Executive, an agency body that oversees safety in the workplace ordered UK Power Networks, which runs the power network for London, to carry out a major inspection program in the London area and discover the reasons behind the blasts. The Health and Safety Executive said it had been informed of about 45 incidents involving boxes or cable pits since last year.

To read more about this story, visit http://bit.ly/13Tp4KM.

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