UK Firefighter Is Criticized, Loses Pay After Rescue

A London (UK) firefighter has gotten into hot water over after rescuing an unconscious woman from a fire last year.

Firefighter Salomon Fernandez responded last April to an apartment fire in which a woman was trapped, according to a report from the Fulham & Hammersmith Chronicle ( Fernandez and some colleagues entered the burning building and rescued the victim; he sustained a shoulder injury in the operation. Fernandez then began resuscitation efforts before the victim was transported to a medical facility.

Fernandez's actions were later the criticized by London Fire Brigade managers, who took issue with his decision to enter the building and other aspects of the rescue. He was told that a failure to address his shortcomings might lead to formal disciplinary action. 

Fernandez subsequently began missing work, and the fire department began docking his pay as a result.

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Balancing firefighter safety with the need to save victims and property is a major source of debate in the fire service. For different perspectives on these issues, consider Don't You Just Hate Tradition?, Survivability Profiling : How Long Can Victims Survive in a Fire?, and The Science of Firefighter Safety.



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