8" HAIX Missoula Wildland Boot Now Available

TheFireStore.com introduces the all-new 8-Inch HAIX Missoula Wildland / Hiking boot -- a clear indication of HAIX ongoing dedication to incorporating the latest technological advances into the protective footwear used by firefighting professionals across the country. Normally priced at $269 TheFireStore.com is offering these new boots at $219, don't delay, save $50 by ordering today.

The all-new 8-Inch Missoula is built literally from the ground up to address the unique challenges facing wildland firefighters. The rugged Vibram designed rubber nitrile sole is heat and flame resistant to 573° F. The sole itself is attached using the same glue that is used in all the HAIX structural firefighting boots. This HAIX glue is heat resistant to 476° F (or 250° C), that's 2 1/2 times more heat resistance than similar wildland boots. The end result is that delamination of the sole should never be a problem with the Missoula.

The sole itself is uniquely Vibram with a stable non-slipping edge and a specially designed heel that provides superior footholds on steep or uneven terrain - keeping you on your feet. The protective composite midsole offers optimal side stabilization for hiking and it does not transfer heat.

The waterproof leather upper material is both hydrophobic (repels water) and breathable. The HAIX Climate System permits air circulation with every step – moist air is released and fresh air comes in through the vent holes at the top of the boot. Adding to the protection of your feet and the durability of the Missoula are the flame resistant NOMEX laces and stitching.

The Missoula also features a new softly cushioned insole for long wearing comfort. The insoles can be changed quickly, have excellent moisture absorption, quick drying qualities, and are machine washable.

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