Miami Takes Delivery of Mobile Training Simulator

On Thursday, July 11, 2013, the Training Division of the Department of Fire-Rescue for the city of Miami took delivery of the Guardian Safety and Survival Training System Simulator manufactured by Personal Protection Equipment Specialists (PPES) of Lincoln University, PA.

"As soon as it came across my desk, I knew we needed it," said Craig Radelman, Chief of Training. The new acquisition will allow first responders at all 14 fire stations that make up the Miami Department of Fire-Rescue the ability to receive ongoing confined-space training among other training scenarios, including sewer-line rescue, railcar leakage, window repelling/rescue and leaking gas cylinder. Because the unit is completely mobile, it can be transported to various locations for on-site training programs, significantly reducing out-of-service time. "Instead of having to take first responders away from their stations to a training center, we can bring the Guardian to the station. While one team is training, the other two crews can still be running calls," noted Radelman. Additionally, the unit could be transported to Technical Rescue Stations, Hazmat Teams, Search and Rescue Operations, as well as other special units.

During the delivery of the unit, as Radelman viewed the interior through the rear access points of the Guradian, he commented, "It takes me back to Haiti." He should know because Radelman was in charge of search operations for Florida Task Force 2 in 2010 following the catastrophic earthquake that registered HYPERLINK ""7.0 on the Richter magnitude scale. The massive earthquake ravaged the country collapsing 30,000 commercial buildings and killing 220,000 people.

"The fact that the City of Miami, one of the top search and rescue organizations in the country, has purchased one of our units says a lot about the Guardian. We are very proud of this sale," said Tom Quinn, president of PPES and inventor of the Guardian.

As Chief of Training, Radelman has the responsibility of keeping all Miami first responders fully prepared, ready for whatever disaster should strike. And the Guardian is well equipped to meet that challenge, while minimizing out-of-service time for fire personnel.

But the bottom line is the fact that the Guardian offers much more than time efficiency. It offers a complete training program, easily customized, easily updated and able to recreate hundreds of disaster scenarios that first responders are likely to encounter. The unit is designed to safely train the rescuer by simulating a building collapse where the third floor has collapsed onto of the second floor and the second floor has pancaked onto the ground floor. Hindered by zero visibility, smoke and debris, encumbered by pounds of protective gear and bulky breathing apparatus, the rescuers will find themselves bringing all their training into play. Such hands-on experience allows them to perfect such necessary techniques in cutting through rebar, stabilizing collapsed environments, cribbing, jacking, breaching, shoring up flooring and packaging victims – all in total darkness. The command center allows for continuous monitoring and recording of the training, thanks to a bank of video cameras inside and out with infrared cameras able to cut through the total darkness of the interior.

The Department of Fire-Rescue, Training Division for the city of Miami, is just the latest growing list of organizations to purchase the Guardian, including Rhode Island Urban Search & Rescue, Washington Township Fire District in New Jersey and the Pennsylvania Fire Academy in Norristown, PA.

Founded in 1996, PPES is a full-service company specializing in meeting the needs of the first-responder industry. In addition to the GUARDIAN Safety and Survival Training System Simulator, PPES provides Rescue and EMS equipment, service, training and certification.

"It's all just theory until it actually happens," says Mr. Quinn. Quinn's unwavering commitment to meeting the needs of first responders is the result of a lifetime in the industry. It was during his time spent supporting first responders at Ground Zero that he became aware of the glaring gap in disaster preparedness. "I felt that there was no safe, realistic way to recreate the kind of scenarios first responders have to contend with after most disasters," said Quinn.

More information is available on the PPES website ( or by contacting Jay Gundel & Associates at (302) 658-1674. Photos, video footage and a demonstration are available by request.

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