United States Air Force Success Using First Twenty Program

The First Twenty's mission is to decrease heart-attackrelated Line of Duty Deaths amongst firefighters by educating and thus equipping firefighters through physical fitness, mental fitness and nutritional programs. 379 Fire Emergency Services Grand Slam Fire Dawg team, serving on an Air Force base in Qatar, not only utilize The First Twenty program but they also advocate on its behalf. After just eight months of the program, their Fire Department lost a combined 1,100 pounds and has a 100 percent pass rate for their Air Force fitness test. As a result of their participation they are receiving

• Program delivery through web and mobile technology;

• Education programs on the basics of health and fitness; and

• Continuous data collection on key firefighter demographics, including health risks.

"Serving in the Middle East on an Air Force base we quickly realized how much of an impact a program such as The First Twenty could have on our department not only for physical fitness but also to build teamwork and esprit de corps which is vital in these environments away from home." Mark C. Cornell, SMSgt, USAF Chief, Fire Emergency Services

To date, The First Twenty has had positive influence over 11,000 Air Force firefighters and 25,000 DoD firefighters. The First Twenty, founded in 2008, seeks to limit heart-attack-related line of duty deaths amongst firefighters. It does this by providing a fitness and wellness system that will reach, educate, train, and motivate firefighters. Each functional area: Physical Fitness, Mental Fitness and Nutrition can be accessed through web and mobile technology. The First Twenty is a not-for-profit organization that relies on the generosity others as well as active participants to perform its mission.

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