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AFSA Releases New eCampus Online Training

AFSA Releases New eCampus Online Training

The American Fire Sprinkler Association (AFSA) announces that Applied Sprinkler Technology (AST) 107: Hydraulic Calculations and System Demand is now available on its online learning site, www.sprinklerecampus.com.

AST 107: Hydraulic Calculations and System Demand provides instruction regarding the basic requirements for determining the amount of water needed for a sprinkler system to meet its design parameters. These include selecting the proper occupancy and hazard, determining the minimum volume of water needed for the sprinklers, as well as allowances for hose stream. Design approaches are reviewed including the density/area method, room design method, and special design approaches, such as CMSA and ESFR. It also examines the selection process for determining the hydraulically most remote area.

This one-hour interactive online course is for beginners in sprinkler system layout. The AFSA member price (with coupon code available by logging in) is $65; non-member price is $95. Course fee includes assessment and evaluation. There is a multiple-choice test at the end of this course. Continuing education certificates are issued upon completion of the course, test, and evaluation form. One (1.0) CPDs/0.1 CEUs are awarded upon successful completion of this course.

The Applied Sprinkler Technology Fire Sprinkler eCampus courses are divided into three blocks. The Fundamental Block - Applied Sprinkler Technology 100 series - will include 10 courses. The first seven are presently online, and the others are nearing completion. The second learning block, Applied Sprinkler Technology 200 series, continues the study of hydraulic calculations for sprinkler system layout and is already available on eCampus. Multiple lessons in this block are designed to assist system layout technicians and others who are seeking NICET certification, and for Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs) desiring an understanding of calculation models and applications. The Advanced Block, Applied Sprinkler Technology 300, all of which is in development at this time, will go into more advanced system design issues such as tanks and stationary pumps for fire protection; storage criteria and rack storage systems; and special systems such as low expansion foam, flow control, exposure protection, special hazard (CO2, clean agent, dry and wet chemical, etc.), and alarm and detection.

Rounding out the eCampus AST curriculum is a two-lesson elective course program on seismic protection: a two-hour course on Determination and Application of Seismic Protection Requirements for Fire Sprinkler Systems, and a seven-hour course on Advanced Seismic Protection of Fire Sprinkler Systems.

More at www.sprinklerecampus.com.


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