NY Fire Chief Stands by Decision to Tear Down Buildings

A controversy has arisen regarding the Troy (NY) Fire Department's demolition of several buildings deemed a danger to the community and firefighters alike.

Four buildings on King Street were taken down Monday night during an emergency demolition ordered by Fire Chief Tom Garrett, according to a report from the Troy Record (http://bit.ly/15NG8CQ). Now a local politician is criticizing the procedures used in and timing of taking down the buildings.

City officials maintain the entire procedure was legitimate and believe the City Charter allows the fire chief to take down buildings he deems are in danger of collapse and threaten public safety.

The decision came after firefighters put up markers on the building to prevent entry in case of a fire. At this time, a firefighters noticed a floor had collapsed, prompting additional scrutiny of the structures. Chief Garrett told reporters the cost of inaction was too great, especially in light of arsons in the area last year.

Read additional details about the situation at http://bit.ly/15NG8CQ.

For more on structural collapse, consider Construction Concerns: Structural Collapse, Structural Collapse Under Fire Conditions, and Structural Collapse : The Hidden Dangers of Residential Fires.



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