Response to Fire in Abington (MA) Helps Control Difficult Fire

When the call came in for a fire at the Abington Fire Station (MA), there was one firefighter there, reports The Enterprise News.

How he responded in the next few minutes kept a bad situation from becoming far worse, according to Capt. Jack Glynn.

The rest of the crew had responded to an emergency medical call.

Firefighter and paramedic Brian Fogg hit the call-box to notify all off-duty personnel to respond.

Then he got behind the wheel of a ladder truck and drove to the scene, becoming the first firefighter to enter the building and start fighting the fire.

Off-duty firefighter and paramedic Jarrod Driscoll heard the call for help and had the presence of mind to stop by the station and take a fire truck to the scene.

That foresight and poise under pressure may have saved the entire unit that contained and connected the 10 businesses that were under the threat of fire, Glynn said.

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