Indiana Firefighter Honored for Actions During Ambulance Shooting

Fort Wayne (IN) Fire Chief Amy Biggs presented firefighter Eric Zeiger with an award for his heroic efforts a year ago when an ambulance was sprayed with bullets, reports The Journal Gazette.

The Indiana Emergency Responders Conference recently gave Three Rivers Ambulance Authority Paramedic Diana Lantz and Advanced EMT Jeromy Yadon the group's Heroic Rescue of the Year award for the incident. Zieger was also a recipient of the award but didn't even know he had been nominated. TRAA's Rita Hughes was named Dispatcher of the Year by the Emergency Responders Conference for her handling of the crisis.

The episode began at the Piere's complex in the early morning of Sept. 9, 2012. When paramedics and firefighters responded to a report of a stabbing, they found Jermaine Loyall in serious condition. Yadon and Lantz put him in an ambulance and headed to the hospital, with firefighter Zeiger at the wheel. As they left, they were followed by a black Chevrolet Impala containing two of Loyall's sisters and a friend. A Crown Victoria came up on the Impala and the ambulance from behind, court records said and two men inside began shooting at the ambulance and the Impala.

Nineteen bullets penetrated the walls and glass of the ambulance and 18 more tore through the doors of the Chevrolet Impala following behind. Yadon was the only person in the ambulance who was wounded; he was struck with bullet fragments, glass and shrapnel, suffering injuries to his left arm and side. All three passengers in the trailing car suffered gunshot wounds, including one woman who was hit at least six times.

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