New Apps from Salamander Available for Downloard

Salamander is announcing the addition of two exciting mobile applications for smartphones and tablets to its existing line of Intelligent Accountability (IA) products, the 01 TAG app for Apple iOS and the 02 TRACK app.

The 01 TAG app, initially released last year on the Android platform, was designed to allow first responders and others to turn their phone into an identity alternative at an incident by creating a Quick Response Code (QR Code) or utilizing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) capability in Near Field Communication (NFC) compatible smartphones. Furthermore, the application will allow the user to collect the identities of other responders and equipment to form crews or teams. This identity information can then be read into existing Salamander emergency management software applications ensuring interoperability at any incident employing Salamander Intelligent Accountability™ software nationwide. This revolutionary application is now available on the Apple iOS platform.

The full version requires a connection to Salamander’s resourceMGR Web™ product and will have the capability to download the following additional first responder information: rank/title, organization affiliation, National Incident Management System (NIMS) qualifications, and baseline medical information. Additionally, the full version will allow responders to search and download other responder and equipment information as needed from resourceMGR Web™ to form crews or teams.

The 02 TRACK app is the first National Incident Management System (NIMS) compliant Incident Command System (ICS) software for your Android tablet or smartphone that will read your Salamander created agency identification or accountability tags. The software is compatible with all previous versions of Salamander 01 TAG™ manual accountability solutions including Clemens PAS V, fireTRAX & interTRAX PDF417 or QR barcoded tags, as well as, RFID tags.

Features and functionality include:

  1. Incident creation – Start, end, and resume incidents by collecting start date and time, elapsed time, and location.

  2. Assignment management – Manually build or scan ICS assignments that can be re-used from incident to incident saving time.

  3. Resource tracking – Read personnel, equipment or company tags (PDF417, QR Code, or RFID cards) manually drag and drop them into assignments and create a date and time stamped history of activity.

  4. Timers – Create timers on assignments, resources and others.

  5. Manual entry – Manually create personnel on the fly even if they don’t have a Salamander tag

  6. PAR – Conduct Personnel Accountability Report (PAR) checks to verify personnel counts

  7. Basic reporting – Export and email a text based log file for after action and NFIRS reporting.

Salamander’s 02 Track App allows emergency responders the ability to manage an emergency incident in real time, from any Android device. Try it free for 10 days and pay only $49 after that. Mobilize your emergency management unit today by downloading Salamander’s 01 Tag App for free on both your Apple and Android devices, as well as the 02 Track App on any Android device.


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