Three Tennessee Firefighters Burned in House Fire

A fire in Chattanooga's (TN) East Lake neighborhood sent three firefighters to the hospital with burns, reports

Witnesses say it took only minutes for the flames to grow as they called for help.

Fire investigators still aren't able to say what started the fire. The home is split up between a living space and small business.

"When the firefighters arrived they saw quite a bit of flames toward the rear of the structure," Chattanooga Fire Department Spokesperson Bruce Garner said.

"They said for everybody to get back in case the windows blew out," Rogers said.

No one was inside, but as firefighters searched, they experienced a flashover. That's when all of the combustible materials inside reach their ignition temperatures at the same time, like an explosion. Temperatures in the room jump to an extreme 1,000 degrees or more. Even firefighter's protective gear can fail.

"In the process three firefighters did receive some burns to their head, neck and hands," Garner said.

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