Female FDNY Recruit Fails Running Test Five Times, Graduates Anyway

A female recruit failed the Fire Department of New York (FDNY) running test five times, but graduated as a firefighter anyway, according to a news report.

Wendy Tapia was one of only five women among 285 new firefighters who graduated from the FDNY's Randall's Island training academy on May 17, the New York Post reports (http://bit.ly/19e4NPz). She is retaking the running test for a sixth time next month.

At the end of 18 weeks of probationary training, Tapia failed to run 1 1/2 miles in 12 minutes without gear, as required by the academy. She failed, and then subsequently failed repeated retesting opportunities.

After graduation, Tapia went on medical leave from May 20 to June 10 to recover from her foot injury. She then went on light duty until July 2, and has yet to work a shift at her assigned station in Queens.

Read more about the situation at http://bit.ly/19e4NPz.

For more on diversity-related issues in the fire service, consider Merit should matter when hiring, Diversity : We Must Define This Issue Before We Can Solve It, and DIVERSITY : AN APPLIED CASE ANALYSIS.

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