Firefighter Rescues Two-Year-Old Child from NC House Fire

Working with police officers, a firefighter managed to rescue a young child Tuesday from a house fire in Havelock, North Carolina.

Firefighter Charlie Winter was lifted in through the window of a burning home to search for a two-year-old child who could be heard inside, according to the Havelock News (

Winter navigated to another room and ultimately found the child, who was removed from the structure. Two other victims, the child's father and brother, had previously escaped.

"Once I could tell he was still crying, it was a good feeling, and once I got him outside, it felt pretty good," Winter told reporters.

The whole front of the home was ablaze when the first fire crews arrived at the 70-year-old residence, where the child's father was attempting to rescue the youth. Winter suffered a burns to his hands during the rescue.

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