New Firefighting Video Game Set to Debut

The U.S. version of Finnish game developer Fragment Production's firefighting management and real time strategy game Rescue 2013: Everyday Heroes is currently in production and scheduled shortly for worldwide release via the Steam network. The game will be released by the German publishing house rondomedia and sold under the U.S. title Rescue: Everyday Heroes. This is the first foray by the Tampere, Finland-based developers into the U.S. and global markets.

Rescue: Everyday Heroes is designed to be a challenging and realistic real-time strategy game which also incorporates themes familiar from roleplaying and management simulation genres. The U.S. version boasts many advancements over its earlier regionally released predecessors, including improved graphics and rendering, new maps based on major U.S. cities, new characters, and detailed equipment and vehicles based on real-life U.S. fire and rescue services equipment currently being used in the field. The game features 10 uniquely designed unlockable vehicles and three supporting vehicles, each available in iconic designs based on apparatus from fire departments such as Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Miami. To capture every detail, the development team gathered and studied hundreds of reference photos, watched documentaries, and even pored over official training manuals.

For the U.S. release. painstaking detail has been put into creating a game as visually pleasing and enriching as possible, and developers have cited major influences in certain maps from rather unlikely sources, including popular post-apocalyptic and open world titles. The U.S. version of Rescue: Everyday Heroes features entirely new maps with intricate, detailed, and visually stunning planning, architecture, and scenery based on major U.S. metropolitan areas, including New York, Chicago, Boston, and Miami.

There are also some fictional influences that are apparent in a number of maps, including a rural Washington town, 'Smoulder Springs', which is eerily reminiscent of similar fictional Washington towns from various sources in popular culture. In addition the Rescue: Everyday Heroes map 'The Highway', located in the American Southwest, draws influences from pop-culture locations as well, including the ruinous desert landscapes found primarily in many post-apocalyptic works of fiction.

Fragment Production Creative Director, Mikko Tyni discussed the sources of inspiration for the game: "We included our homage to those things because this game is the spiritual continuum of the things we've done and things we love, including those huge personal influences. We took the opportunity to throw in a little bit of irony where permissible and paid specific detail to the iconic symbolism in our version of American culture to create believable scenes, right down to the smallest detail."

The cast of characters has also been completely revised to showcase the personalities of the American heroes on which the game is based. Each character will have their own detailed background, personal preferences, and traits including strengths, weaknesses and personality quirks. Each character has been individually modelled and assigned their own unique behavioral personality. There are 47 unique characters available for a player's firefighting team.

The game contains both campaign and free play modes. Campaign play is further divided into 'management' and 'action' gameplay phases.

In the game’s management mode, the player will act as the head of a large U.S. fire depart-ent and shoulder the diverse responsibilities that come with this important role: From essential administrative work such as the hiring and training of staff to the maintenance and upgrading of its vehicle fleet, as well as the continuous furnishing and expansion of the station itself in accordance with the department's financial means including the purchase and positioning of equipment meant for training or recreation.

Once an emergency occurs in the action mode and the firefighters and rescue workers move out into the field, the player will coordinate the movements and actions of the individual crew members as well as the team as a whole. The player will also direct vehicles into tactically advantageous positions and manage the proper use of equipment to tackle diverse sources of danger. The gameplay runs in real-time--typical for a strategy game--and the isometric 3-D perspective also commonly found in this genre will help the player to keep a strategic eye on his units for the duration of the mission.

Rescue: Everyday Heroes will be available via Steam this holiday season. More details to be announced shortly.


 New Firefighting Video Game Set to Debut

 New Firefighting Video Game Set to Debut

 New Firefighting Video Game Set to Debut

 New Firefighting Video Game Set to Debut

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