Vermont Firefighter Rosters Shrinking

Like many other municipalities in states across the nation, Vermont towns are struggle to recruit and retain volunteer firefighters.

A report from Vermont Public Radio ( recently dealt with the issue, and noted that, nationally, about 69 percent of firefighters are volunteers, and their numbers have declined 13 percent since 1984. In addition, the average age of firefighters is going up.

The report interviewed several firefighters around the state, such as Linda Cook, who explained some of the difficulties facing those who would serve, especially in bedroom communities where people leave to go to work. In the evenings, social activities can make it difficult for potential recruits to make time for volunteering.

For more on the situation in Vermont, go to

For more on related issues, consider Recruitment + Training = Retention, NVFC Releases Comprehensive Guide to Retention and Recruitment, The Professional Volunteer Fire Department: Recruitment, and Keys to Recruitment and Retention.

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