HazMatIQ S.A.F.e Kit Decreases Incident Response Time

Stevensville (MD) - Hazmat training company, HazMatIQ produces a S.A.F.e Kit that provides responders with five pieces of basic detection equipment required to operate in the hot zone of hazmat/CBRN incidents.  

The S.A.F.e kit compliments the HazMatIQ response system by providing the responder with Stay Alive Five equipment in a mission ready kit. The S.A.F.e Kit includes a: Radmeter, F Paper, pH paper, Temp Gun and LEL Meter. This rapidly deployable kit is designed to be stand-alone, and holds all the necessary supporting equipment including bump gas, chargers, and HazMatIQ charts.  The 4-step HazMatIQ response system is built on the fundamental principle of using meters to detect hazards that our eyes cannot see.  The S.A.F.e kits 5 life-saving meters are the RED LIGHT meters identified in the HazMatIQ system, and listed on the HazMatIQ Smart Charts. “The S.A.F.e Kit will allow responders to be more prepared, decrease their incident response time and ensure responder safety during calls where hazards are not visible,” said Chris Waier, Director of Training.

For more information on the S.A.F.e Kit please visit www.hazmatiq.com or contact Chris Waier at (517) 819-0615 or chris.waier@federalresources.com


HazMatIQ was founded in 2006 by Joe Gorman and Cris Aguirre with a combined industry experience of 50-years. HazMatIQ systematic approach to chemistry, assisting responders in the selection of the personal protective gear and air monitoring meters to safely mitigate the hazardous situations, has proven to decrease response time and save lives. HazMatIQ travels all over the world to conduct training of their core courses: Above the Line/Below the Line, Advanced IQ, Air-monitoring, First Responder Offensive  and Tox-Medic. Want more information? Please visit:www.hazmatiq.com

Federal Resources has spent more than 20 years striving to “Protect Those Who Protect Us All."  FR takes pride in the expertise they provide to the CBRNE community through the procurement process, providing high level training on new equipment and scenario based operations, or offering customers the capability to manage and sustain their high value equipment. Federal Resources  headquarters is  located in Stevensville, MD. Want more information? Please visit: www.federalresources.com

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