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Fire Equipment News: Environics USA will continue to Support the ChemRAE

RAE Systems (a Honeywell company) has ceased taking orders for the ChemRAE as of February 28, 2014.  Environics has always made the ChemRAE for RAE Systems and will continue support of the ChemRAE.  The ChemRAE allows users to share its alarm data over the RAE Systems AreaRAE network.  The ChemPro100i will now have the option of adding the two ChemRAE libraries to it allowing it to use these two libraries to communicate on an AreaRAE network.  This can be done when purchased new or as an upgrade for ChemPro100is that have been previously fielded.  ChemPro100i users that purchase the upgraded library will still need to purchase the RAE Link 3 modem, connection cabl...

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